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Introducing the qUCAL


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New: Atom Chips for Optical Lattices

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Produce a rubidium MOT easily and rapidly
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ColdQuanta's Channel Cell

ColdQuanta focuses on development, design and manufacture of instruments and systems destined for quantum technologies applications. We provide products and services for scientific and industrial applications such as cold atom experimentation, quantum simulation, quantum information processing, gravity sensors, atomic clocks and precision instrumentation.

What We Do

ColdQuanta is committed to producing cutting edge cold and ultracold atom technology.  Please contact us regarding your custom engineering requirements:

For the UK and Ireland please contact Photonics Technologies

For Germany, Switzerland and Austria please contact Soliton GmbH

For China please contact Universal Technologies

ColdQuanta Products

BEC cart
on chip optics for optical lattics
magneto-optical trap
BEC System
BEC cell