The Future is Quantum

Quantum atomics will change the way we compute and communicate. It will change how we sense and interact with our environment. It will be the basis of quantum systems that will provide an unprecedented level of performance, security, privacy, and computational speed to address the world’s most challenging technological problems.

ColdQuanta’s Quantum Core™ technology uses the power of quantum atomics, and the pioneering work of Nobel Prize-winning scientists, as the foundation of our quantum products, both today and in the future.

One Quantum Core,
Many Quantum Applications

At the heart of our products is Quantum Core technology. Quantum Core captures, cools, and controls cold and ultracold atoms. Its lasers can cool atoms to temperatures less than a billionth of a degree of absolute zero. Quantum Core can control billions of atoms at once, or one atom at a time, enabling everything from atomic timekeeping to quantum logic. Our algorithms, electronics, and lasers combine with compact optics, vacuum systems, and rugged packaging, to create quantum systems that are deployable on Earth and in orbit.

Quantum Core™

Application Systems

Quantum sensors, quantum clocks, quantum positioning systems

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Quantum Core™


Solving classically intractable problems

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ColdQuanta Selected as an Industry Partner for DOE’s Quantum Science Center

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From ultra-cold to ion trap systems to custom products, ColdQuanta is the world leader in commercial cold and ultracold atom technology.
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Talk to us about your UHV-compatible optically bonded assemblies and precision machined specialty materials needs.
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