Driving the Quantum Revolution


ColdQuanta is a global quantum technology company solving the world’s most challenging problems. The company harnesses quantum mechanics to build and integrate quantum computers, sensors, and networks. From fundamental physics to leading edge commercial products, ColdQuanta enables “quantum everywhere” through our ecosystem of devices and platforms.


Delivering On The Scalable Quantum Promise

Quantum Information Platforms

ColdQuanta’s cold atom method is adaptable to multiple applications across the quantum ecosystem. We’re building two scalable quantum information platforms, accessible via the cloud. 

Hilbert: Quantum Computation

Universal gate-based quantum computing platform with superior scalability.


Albert: Quantum Dynamics

Design and emulation platform for quantum sensing and signal processing

Quantum Devices and Machines


Foundational Expertise

Quantum Research and Security Solutions

ColdQuanta discovers breakthrough technology in support of government and commercial enterprises through research and development across a broad range of applications, including: high precision clocks, navigation, radio frequency receivers, and quantum networking and communications.

  • High Performance Atomic Clocks
  • Navigation & Positioning Systems
  • Radio Frequency Receivers
  • Quantum Networking & Communications

Thank you for helping us usher in the quantum revolution.