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ColdQuanta has over 200 employees–including 85+ physicists– across the globe with a distinct footprint in Boulder (Colorado, USA), Chicago (Illinois, USA), Madison (Wisconsin, USA), and Oxford (England). At ColdQuanta we benefit from our diverse team in tackling some of the hardest problems in fundamental science and engineering.

The ColdQuanta Team

Scott Faris
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Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Dana Anderson
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Chief People Officer
Kathy Crawford
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Chief Technology Officer
Chris Wood
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Chief of Staff and Strategic Initiatives
Laura Thomas
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President, Quantum Information Platforms
Paul Lipman
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President, Research and Security Solutions
Chester Kennedy
Meet Chester →
Chief Scientist for Quantum Information
Mark Saffman
Meet Mark →
Chief Scientist for Quantum Software
Fred Chong
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General Counsel
Prateek Lal
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EVP, Engineering
Barry Behnken
Meet Barry →
VP and Chief Quantum Advocate
Bob Sutor
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General Manager of Quantum Components
Neil Anderson
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Chief Engineer
Evan Salim
Meet Evan →
VP Quantum Software
Pranav Gokhale
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VP, Quantum Signal Processing
Anjul Loiacono
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VP Software
Alex Olivas
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VP, Quantum Computing
Thomas Noel
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VP, Research and Security Solutions 
Max Perez
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VP Government Programs
Laura Hale
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VP Quantum Development
William Clark
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VP, Marketing and Communications
Sarah Schupp
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VP Sales & Business Development, Quantum Information Platforms
Steve Matthews
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Director of UK R&D
Tim Ballance
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Atomic Clocks Lead, Senior Physicist
Judith Olson
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Director of Engagement
Brittany Mazin
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Senior Operations Manager, UK
Sadie Mansell
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Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Dana Anderson
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Tyler Brous
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Tim Day
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Grant Dollens
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Scott Faris
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Board Member
Chris Galvin
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Matthew Kinsella
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Dawn Meyerriecks
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Board Member
Erik Thoresen
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Sue Gordon
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Jeffrey Harris
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John Johnson
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Donald Kerr
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Rainer Blatt
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Peter Knight
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Peter Zoller
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