Albert: Quantum Design Platform

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Albert: Quantum Design Platform

Albert is the first-ever design platform for Quantum sensing and network applications. Albert will be used to design Quantum Accelerometers, Quantum Gyroscopes, and Quantum Signal Processors, and other quantum devices.

The first step to bring applications to market is design. In the conventional world, software design tools—e.g. circuit simulators and circuits with reprogrammable logic—are an integral part of the development process for electronics and integrated circuits. Design tools allow for more rapid and cost-efficient product development.

Albert isn’t a software simulation tool. Instead, it is a quantum emulator – a system which uses real hardware to control ultracold quantum matter. Through cloud software, users create and manipulate quantum matter (i.e. Bose Einstein Condensate, the fifth state of matter), put atoms into superposition states, create entanglement and tunneling. Observations of the properties of quantum matter lead to valuable design insights for quantum sensing and network applications.

Future versions of Albert will feature application development kits targeted at markets that are primed for quantum advantages, such as navigation, transportation, and logistics.

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