High Performance Clocks

ColdQuanta will deliver quantum timing performance in compact, robust and affordable packages. Our atomic clocks based on cold atom quantum technology will surpass current state-of-the-art performance while achieving smaller form-factor, less power consumption, and lower cost.

Quantum Radio Frequency ("RF") Sensing

Quantum Radio Frequency (QRF) Sensing will revolutionize dozens of industries. ColdQuanta has the domain expertise to optimize application specific sensors which will ultimately displace classical technologies. Learn more about ColdQuanta's suite of QRF Sensing applications.

Quantum Positioning Systems

The U.S. 2021 Space Policy Directive-7 will create an enormous market for Quantum Positioning Systems (QPS) and ColdQuanta is at the forefront of developing each component of QPS Technology. Learn how ColdQuanta's technology will disrupt various industries reliant on GPS as well as provide significant advancements to technologies through our cold atom inertial sensors.

Quantum Networking and Sensing

Quantum Networking and Sensing Applications get far less attention than Quantum Computing, yet the market opportunity is comparable. The entire communications network will incorporate qubit distribution key technology as a countermeasure to conventional cybersecurity that is no longer viable because of Quantum Computing. Quantum Position Systems will replace the Global Position System, securing the enormous power, communications, and transportation infrastructure that is reliant on GPS. Learn how quantum sensing will be used in spacecraft, autonomous vehicles, medical imaging, financial trading networks, augmented reality, and much more.