Hilbert: ColdQuanta's Quantum Computer

ColdQuanta is demonstrating that the Cold Atom Method is the best approach for building the most scalable and powerful Quantum Computer. Learn more about ColdQuanta's 2021 100 Qubit Quantum Computer and why Cold Atom is a compelling method for Quantum Computing.

ColdQuanta Product Overview

Unlike most quantum companies, ColdQuanta already has a wide variety of products. This early experience is providing ColdQuanta with unique insights and know-how when it comes to embedding cold atoms technology into an amazing spectrum of Quantum Computers, Networking, and Sensing Applications.

View Quantum Devices

ColdQuanta offers a portfolio of quantum devices for use in quantum systems and applications. We provide compact and integrated Cold Atom sources, vacuum systems, control electronics, and quantum matter systems. Our quantum devices are used in applications such as quantum gravimetry, atomic clocks, quantum computing, and quantum networking throughout the world.

Quantum Positioning Systems

The U.S. 2021 Space Policy Directive-7 will create an enormous market for Quantum Positioning Systems (QPS) and ColdQuanta is at the forefront of developing each component of QPS Technology. Learn how ColdQuanta's technology will disrupt various industries reliant on GPS as well as provide significant advancements to technologies through our cold atom inertial sensors.

Quantum Radio Frequency ("RF") Sensing

Quantum Radio Frequency (QRF) Sensing will revolutionize dozens of industries. ColdQuanta has the domain expertise to optimize application specific sensors which will ultimately displace classical technologies. Learn more about ColdQuanta's suite of QRF Sensing applications.

Albert: Quantum Design Platform

Albert is the first-ever design platform for Quantum Sensing and Network applications. Users are able to design Quantum Clocks, Gravimeters, Accelerometers, Gyroscopes.