Webinar: Tick Tock: Learn about Quantum Atomic Clocks!   Thurs, Jan 21, 2021 11:00 AM MT
Atomic clocks are the first and most prevalent examples of how quantum atomics can affect, and in fact improve, everyday life. They serve as the hidden backbone that support nearly all modern communications, navigation, and time-keeping systems; yet their inner workings are generally hidden to most of us. In this webinar ColdQuanta physicist Evan Salim will teach you the basic operational principles of atomic clocks, discuss the challenges associated with the current generations of industrial clocks, and provide some insight into what we can expect from future generations of clock systems. Register HERE.

Webinar On-Demand: Cold Atom Quantum Computing   

Watch CEO Bo Ewald and Director of Quantum Applications Denny Dahl as they discuss how cold atoms and the Quantum Core can be used as the basis of a quantum computer. Watch HERE.

Webinar On-Demand: Quantum Matter Systems at Work Today

At the heart of ColdQuanta is our quantum atomics innovation providing an unprecedented level of performance and helping scientists in academia, research and commercial markets achieve excellent results every day. This webinar will provide insights into how scientists worldwide can gain the most from seemingly simple vacuum components such as glass cells to the more integrated vacuum systems with compact optics platforms, and turn-key quantum matter systems. Watch the replay HERE.

Webinar On-Demand: Microwave Sensing with Rydberg Atoms      

Rydberg atoms, atoms with one highly-excited electron, are highly sensitive to microwave electric fields. Using a quantum interference process, electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT), Rydberg atoms become detectors for microwave fields in the regime from GHz to THz with an extremely high sensitivity in a modest setup. Due to atoms’ self-calibrating nature and stable atomic properties, this method has the potential to become a new microwave standard for electric field measurement and calibration. ColdQuanta physicist Haoquan Fan will discuss the concepts, techniques, applications, and challenges of microwave electrometry with Rydberg atoms. Watch HERE.

Webinar On-Demand : Laser Cooling for Quantum Atomics       

Realization of the possible advantages of quantum systems requires exquisite control and isolation of the sample. In practice, this means getting the relevant quantum particles to sub-millikelvin temperatures and below. In the case of neutral atoms, the first step in this process is “Laser Cooling.” In this webinar we will take a dive into the basic first steps to accessing quantum atomics. Watch  HERE.

Webinar On-Demand: An Introduction to Quantum Signal Processing  

Listening to one voice among many in a crowded and noisy room is a great example of a formidable signal processing task. This webinar offers an introduction to real-time signal processing in the quantum realm using ultracold atoms. ColdQuanta’s Founder and CTO Dana Anderson discusses ways in which machine learning and neural network techniques are utilized to manipulate the wavefunction of the atoms in an optical lattice to become maximally sensitive to signals of interest, and ideally insensitive to signals that are not of interest. Our context is primarily sensing of inertial forces but the techniques are more broadly applicable to time-dependent information.

Watch HERE.

Webinar On-Demand: “Quantum Atomic” Opportunities – Where, Why, and How      

Over the past few decades quantum technologies have been deployed into a range of markets and products. New quantum atomic technologies under development may enable new applications and products of the future. Join ColdQuanta VP of Product Strategy Dr. Rob Williamson as he outlines some of the opportunities, challenges, and potential paths to overcome those challenges. Watch the recording HERE.

Webinar On Demand: The Fifth State of Matter    

Beyond being a curiosity of nature, so called Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) have numerous remarkable properties that can be exploited to study our universe, as well as to create exquisite sensors and devices. Hear ColdQuanta researcher Seth Caliga discuss ColdQuanta’s BEC technology and learn about the capabilities available of our soon-to-be-released, remote access quantum matter system. Watch the recording HERE.

Webinar On Demand: Cold Atom Quantum Applications and Quantum Core Technology

Quantum computing is merely the tip of the quantum information iceberg. Hear ColdQuanta Founder and CTO Dana Anderson as he discusses cold atoms and ColdQuanta’s Quantum Core technology. He explains how the same core technology can be used for everything from today’s quantum clocks to tomorrow’s quantum positioning systems. Watch HERE.


Webinar On Demand: Powering the Quantum Information Age   

Just as the transistor and the laser led to technology revolutions, quantum atomics will change the way we compute and communicate, and how we sense and interact with our environment. Watch CEO Bo Ewald discusses quantum atomics and cold atom quantum technology, and its application to computing, quantum sensing and signal processing, and new categories of products like a Quantum Positioning System.    Watch HERE.

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