Webinar: The Fifth State of Matter    Thursday, May 21, 11 am MT

Beyond being a curiosity of nature, so called Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) have numerous remarkable properties that can be exploited to study our universe, as well as to create exquisite sensors and devices. Join ColdQuanta researcher Seth Caliga to hear about ColdQuanta’s BEC technology and to learn about the capabilities available on our soon-to-be-released, remote access quantum matter system. Register HERE.

ColdQuanta Webinar On Demand: Cold Atom Quantum Applications and Quantum Core Technology

Quantum computing is merely the tip of the quantum information iceberg. Hear ColdQuanta Founder and CTO Dana Anderson as he discusses cold atoms and ColdQuanta’s Quantum Core technology. He explains how the same core technology can be used for everything from today’s quantum clocks to tomorrow’s quantum positioning systems. Watch HERE.


ColdQuanta Webinar On Demand: Powering the Quantum Information Age   

Just as the transistor and the laser led to technology revolutions, quantum atomics will change the way we compute and communicate, and how we sense and interact with our environment. Watch CEO Bo Ewald discusses quantum atomics and cold atom quantum technology, and its application to computing, quantum sensing and signal processing, and new categories of products like a Quantum Positioning System.    Watch HERE.