Hilbert: ColdQuanta's Powerful Quantum Computer

Hilbert, our cloud-based quantum computer, will deliver 100 QUBITS in early 2022. Leveraging the natural scalability of the Cold Atom Approach, the Hilbert team is targeting >1000 QUBITS by 2024 with strong connectivity, fidelity, and miniaturization at room temperature without refrigeration required.

Technology Deep Dive

Quantum Computing gets most of the attention, and for good reason. Quantum Computers will solve problems that are beyond the capabilities of classic computers and nearly all industries will benefit in profound ways. Read McKinsey and BCS ’s perspectives on how Quantum Computing will impact a range of industries including financial, chemicals, biopharma, energy and power, and the environment.

Cold Atom Method

The Cold Atom Method will play a central role in the Quantum Revolution. Learn more about Cold Atom Method and what makes it so compelling.

Quantum Methods

ColdQuanta focuses on the Cold Atom Method based on our patented Quantum Core ™ method, used in production by the government for over 10 years.