Quantum Systems

Quantum Information Platforms

We are capturing more of the quantum ecosystem with two scalable quantum information platforms, accessible via the cloud: Hilbert (Quantum Computation) & Albert (Quantum Emulation)

ColdQuanta’s cold atom method is adaptable to multiple applications:

  • ColdQuanta creates ultra-high vacuum cells that are injected with atoms
  • Using laser cooling, ColdQuanta cools the atoms to near absolute zero
  • The system is kept at room temperature while only the atoms remain ultracold, allowing devices to be deployed in rugged environments
  • Lasers are also used to hold atoms in place and control their quantum states
  • The key difference among the various end applications of ColdQuanta’s technology is primarily the arrangement of the atoms

Quantum Computing

Get to know Hilbert

Leveraging the natural scalability of the Cold Atom Approach, the Hilbert team is targeting 1,000 Qubits by 2024 with strong connectivity, fidelity, and miniaturization at room temperature without refrigeration required.


Quantum Dynamics

Get to know Albert

Albert is a quantum design and emulation platform to inform the development of sensing and signal processing technologies.


Coldquanta's Foundation

Cold Atom Modality

The most scalable path to fault-tolerant quantum computing

Learn more about the Cold Atom Method and what makes it so compelling.

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