Meet Albert

Albert delivers quantum matter at the push of a button ⁠— create, control and design with Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) on sophisticated hardware remotely. Whether developing quantum sensor technology, researching fundamental science, or empowering the next generation of the quantum workforce, Albert kickstarts discovery and reduces development costs by orders of magnitude.

Quantum Matter on the Cloud

Quantum Prototype 

Powerful and adaptable hardware to accelerate the development of the building blocks of quantum sensor technology

True Quantum 

Experimental platform to advance and validate scientific research by modeling dynamic system behavior that cannot be classically simulated

Quantum Education 

Cloud-Based system to foster the developing quantum workforce through hands-on experience creating and manipulating quantum matter

Harness the Power of Quantum Matter to 
Accelerate Research, Development, and Innovation

Quantum Matter a Click Away

Remotely create and manipulate Bose-Einstein
Condensate (BEC) on a world-class quantum platform

  • Kick-Start Innovation

    Accelerate quantum product development

  • Real Quantum Matter

    Measure actual quantum behavior instead of simulation

  • Cloud-Based

    Easily accessible via the cloud

  • Broadened Access to Quantum

    Enter the quantum ecosystem through remotely-accessible hardware managed by experts

  • Community

    Diverse group of quantum enthusiasts from around the world

Immediate Remote Access to Quantum Hardware

  • Generate

  • Design

  • Measure

  • Cool atoms to nanokelvin temperatures to create quantum matter
  • Control and arrange the quantum state to define its dynamic behavior
  • Capture and evaluate the results to accelerate research and refine designs

Albert in the news.

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