Our universal and scalable quantum computing platform

Meet Hilbert

Hilbert, our cloud-based quantum computer, leverages the natural scalability of the Cold Atom Approach. The Hilbert team is targeting 1,000 qubits by 2024 with strong connectivity, fidelity, and miniaturization at room temperature without refrigeration required.


Hilbert's Combination of Characteristics Offers Superior Error Correction at Scale

Qubit Count

High qubit count


High qubit interaction at 4:1 connectivity

Gate Fidelity

Roadmap to high fidelity


Operates at room temperature


Duration of time that quantum properties are maintained is long

Gate Duration

Quantum operations can be performed rapidly


Hilbert will be accessed via the cloud, both directly and through third-party cloud service providers


1 million qubits will fit in the size of a thumbnail


ColdQuanta’s Quantum Computer

High Coherence and Short Gate Duration Contribute to Hilbert's Compelling Roadmap


Coherence means the quantum properties are being maintained. The longer coherence persists, the more time a Quantum Computer has to perform a set of operations.

Gate Duration

The gate duration is the time for an individual computational operation (referred to gate) to be performed.

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