4-Channel Coil Driver

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ColdQuanta’s four-channel coil driver consists of four bidirectional voltage-controlled current sources that are designed to drive inductive loads. The output currents are directly proportional to the input voltage, i.e. an input voltage of +1.0 V will set the output current to +1.0 A. Each channel is independently capable of driving up to ±3 A. All four channels are floating, and each has its own set of controls, indicators, inputs, and outputs. Balanced, differential inputs isolate the coil driver from control electronics. The system is designed to work with ColdQuanta’s 3 axis coil assembly in a MOT + bias field configuration.

Product Features
  • Four channels coil driver
  • Each channel can drive ± 3 A with an inductive load up to 4 mH
  • Current monitor output on each channel
  • Interfaces with ColdQuanta’s instrument control system and software package
  • Interfaces with user supplied control system

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