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ColdQuanta’s atom chip driver consists of two bidirectional voltage-controlled current sources designed to drive two-atom chip traces. Each channel is independently capable of driving up to +/-5 A. The two channels are floating, and each has its own set of controls, indicators, inputs, and outputs. Balanced, differential inputs isolate the chip driver from control electronics. To accommodate atom chip traces that overlap, the two outputs are isolated from each other and from the ground. Additionally, each channel of the chip driver features ColdQuanta’s electronic fuse (eFuse) protects against destructive overdriving of the load. The circuit acts as a conventional fuse but is more convenient due to its adjustable timing characteristics t which can be easily reset with the push of a button.

Product Features
  • Two independent bidirectional voltage-controlled current sources
  • Designed to accommodate the specific demands of atom chips
  • Low noise
  • Integrated eFuse protection circuit
  • Easily interfaces with ColdQuanta’s instrument control system and software package or user supplied control system

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