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Celebrating Four Years of Quantum Science in Space: Livestream Event

Join us on August 4th at 11:00 AM MT to learn from some of the world’s experts – from astronauts to Nobel Laureates – on the details of getting the unique Cold Atom Lab up and running, as well as the progress toward using microgravity to illuminate new features of the quantum world.  The live stream can be found here:

The Cold Atom Lab (CAL), NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration‘s first quantum science laboratory in space, will mark four years onboard the International Space Station on Aug. 4, 2022. ColdQuanta‘s team delivered the Quantum Core™ atomic system to CAL as part of NASA’s CRS 19 mission.

CAL has already achieved its main science goals by cooling atoms down to ultra-cold temperatures to study their basic physical properties in ways that would not be possible on Earth.

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