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Classiq & CQ webinar: The Path to Scalable Quantum Computing

The ability to execute sophisticated algorithms on quantum computers with more qubits opens game-changing industrial and research opportunities. But what will it take to create more powerful hardware, and how would these machines be programmed?

Join executives from ColdQuanta and Classiq, two quantum technology leaders, for an insightful Feb 15th Webinar focused on the “why, how, and when” of scalable quantum computing.

This one hour Webinar will cover:
– What will be the impact of larger quantum computers?
– Why is it difficult to scale quantum computers?
– Are these hardware challenges or software challenges, or both?
– What new challenges exist that appear when building larger computers?
– How do ColdQuanta and Classiq solve these challenges?
– How soon can we expect such solutions?
– At what point do quantum computers outperform classical computers in certain applications?

The panelist will also answer live Q&A from the audience.


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