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Navigating the System Webinar

  • Dr Cathy Foley, Chief Scientist of Australia
  • Maëva Ghonda, Global Quantum IP Expert and Host of the Quantum AI Institute Podcast
  • Dr. Makenzie Lystrup, VP/GM Civil Space, Ball Aerospace
  • Hosted by Laura Thomas, VP of Corporate Strategy at ColdQuanta

During this panel we will cover:

      • What is the societal impact of women exiting the workforce at different stages?
      • Why aren’t there more women working in quantum? Do you think they feel unwelcome?
      • What are the panelists’ real-life experiences being or working with male advocates?
      • Why is it important that corporate and government entities prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion?
      • How can we measure success?
      • What are tools & means to navigate the lack of equity for women?
      • Some women choose to leave the workforce to have children or perform caretaking roles within their families. However, studies show that women are more likely than men to disrupt their careers in order to attend to their families’ needs. Why do you think this is? And do you think that creating more equity for women in terms of child-rearing and caretaking could create more equity in the workplace?”

Location Details:

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