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Quantum.Tech 2.0

Bringing back the world’s largest in-person quantum technology conference to London. The event covers not only computing but also cryptography, sensing, and metrology. Quantum.Tech Europe will be a showcase of the multinational enterprises, governments, academics, and solution providers leading the charge to quantum supremacy.

Join us here to see ColdQuanta’s Vice President for Corporate Development, Bob Sutor. Bob’s industry role is to advance quantum technologies by building strong business, partner, technical, and educational ecosystems. The singular goal is to evolve quantum to help solve some of the critical computational problems facing society today. Bob will be speaking on two panels at the event; “The Path to Commercialization: A roadmap update from the leading processor providers” on September 20th and a keynote panel, “Overriding the hype- how can we avoid a Quantum Winter? What are the realistic aims for enterprises embracing quantum?” on September 21st. The ColdQuanta team hopes to see you there!

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Location Details:

Twickenham Stadium

United Kingdom
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