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Quantum Technologies Forum

President of Quantum Research and Security Solutions, Chester Kennedy, moderated the Quantum Technologies Forum.

With a more comprehensive understanding of complex quantum phenomena, we’re on the precipice of the second quantum revolution, which has the potential to produce revolutionary quantum technologies with invaluable uses across civilian, military, and government missions.

This second generation of quantum is expected to have transformational applications in multiple areas including warfare, supply chain optimization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, drug discovery, and command and control systems.

The U.S. government has been significantly accelerating its quantum technology research and development efforts for defense and national security uses. Currently, corporations and government agencies are working to achieve cutting-edge quantum capabilities as the global quantum competition intensifies. However, new quantum technologies and potential defense applications introduce military strategies, doctrines, and scenarios that pose new ethical issues that must be addressed as the second quantum revolution unfolds.

The Quantum Technologies Forum, hosted by ExecutiveBiz Events, gathers distinguished quantum thought leaders, government officials and industry executives in a timely discussion surrounding the future of novel quantum technologies for critical national security and military initiatives in the global race for quantum supremacy.

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