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UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2022

ColdQuanta is pleased to have a presence at this year’s UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase, among the brightest and most innovative enterprises leading some of the UK’s most exciting projects from across the Quantum landscape. If you are attending, we hope you will come stop by our booth to learn about our UK projects. More information on some of our recent projects below.

Location Details:

2022 at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London.
Additional Information:

Recent UK projects include:

RALFS (Rydberg Atom Low-Frequency Sensing) will demonstrate the feasibility of using ultracold atoms in Rydberg states to detect radio-frequency radiation in the very high-frequency and ultra-high frequency bands, which will pave the way for field-deployable devices that significantly reduce the space, spectral, and polarisation constraints of conventional detection systems. Learn more about this exciting Innovate UK Project.

High-BIAS² (High-Bandwidth Inertial Atom Source & Sensor) will develop a gyroscope with the stability to allow vehicle navigation without a Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS/GNSS) signal. This will be tested in flight to validate its use for aerospace applications.

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