Former IBM Quantum Executive, Bob Sutor, Joins ColdQuanta as Vice President of Corporate Development

Quantum Executive’s Distinguished Vision Bolsters Global Quantum Ecosystem Leader

BOULDER, Colo., June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ColdQuanta, the global quantum ecosystem leader, today announced the addition of Dr. Bob Sutor, a 40-year IT industry veteran, as Vice President of Corporate Development. Bob most recently served as a member of the IBM Quantum leadership team and was previously Vice President for Mathematical Sciences at IBM Research.

“Bob has earned an international reputation as a thought leader in emerging technologies by translating highly technical topics so they can be easily understood and used by businesses, influencers, governments and more,” said Scott Faris, CEO of ColdQuanta. “Bob has a demonstrated ability to transform companies and industries on the cutting edge of technology and will serve as a visionary leader for ColdQuanta as we enter the company’s next stage of growth.”

Bob has strong experience across quantum computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, analytics, data science, cloud, open source, and industrial research. In his most recent quantum roles at IBM, Bob led external advocacy of IBM Quantum’s progress and value, delivering keynote and high profile addresses at leading global conferences. Bob also served as an R&D executive where he drove part of IBM’s worldwide research strategy and execution and led a team of over 300 researchers and software engineers across numerous technology areas. Earlier this year, Quantum Zeitgeist named Bob one of the 20 influential individuals driving the quantum technology revolution.

“Taking this next step with ColdQuanta presents the opportunity to continue my journey in quantum with one of the industry’s most promising companies,” Bob Sutor said. “The extraordinary technical and business team at ColdQuanta have set the company on an impressive growth trajectory. ‘Quantum’ is much more than quantum computers in data centers, and ColdQuanta’s expertise in cold atom quantum technology will yield commercial products in computing as well as sensors, including atomic clocks, positioning systems, and finely tuned RF receivers.”

Bob is the author of the quantum computing book “Dancing with Qubits” and the coding book “Dancing with Python.” He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Harvard University, and a Master’s degree and Ph.D in Mathematics from Princeton University.

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