Infleqtion Announces Collaboration with Morningstar

Collaboration Brings the Power of Quantum Computing to Investment Analytics Platform, Morningstar Direct™

SANTA CLARA, Calif.Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Infleqtion, the global quantum ecosystem leader, today announced the integration of SuperstaQ, Infleqtion’s flagship quantum software, into Morningstar Direct, Morningstar’s investment and portfolio analysis platform.

The integration of SuperstaQ will allow investors to harness the power of quantum computing through Morningstar Direct’s Analytics Lab module, which lets users program their own “notebooks” to create custom analytics and discover new investment opportunities.

“Combining Morningstar’s data, research and analytics with enhanced solving frameworks and capabilities provided by SuperstaQ will allow investors to experiment, learn and enjoy the benefits of quantum, preparing them for when quantum advantage is achieved,” said Paul Lipman, President of Quantum Information Platforms at Infleqtion.

Infleqtion’s quantum-enabled notebooks, which will live in Analytics Lab, transform specific investment problems, such as building a risk-optimized portfolio, into queries designed for quantum computing. When users execute these quantum formulations through SuperstaQ, they can unlock novel insights.

“We are excited to work with Infleqtion and bring quantum computing to over 17,000 Morningstar Direct users,” said James Rhodes, President of Data, Research and Enterprise Solutions, and Chief Technology Officer at Morningstar. “By combining Morningstar’s data with quantum computing notebooks powered by SuperstaQ, Direct users can explore novel ways in which quantum computing may impact their business.”

Morningstar Direct is an investment and portfolio analysis platform that empowers investor success by helping users tell their investment story. Morningstar Direct unites Morningstar’s data and institutional research with private and third-party content, advanced analytics, data science capabilities, and productivity tools.

SuperstaQ is Infleqtion’s flagship quantum software platform that allows users without quantum expertise to run quantum programs. SuperstaQ communicates directly with quantum computers, sending quantum circuits – that have been optimized for peak performance via a proprietary algorithm – for execution on the hardware’s native gate set.

SuperstaQ was developed by, a subsidiary of Infleqtion acquired in May 2022 that makes software and solutions to accelerate the commercial adoption of this burgeoning technology. was originally spun out of pioneering quantum computing research from the University of Chicago.

Mr. Lipman will share further details on the collaboration at Q2B, a quantum computing conference in Santa Clara this Wednesday, December 7th, during his keynote session titled, Quantum X Finance: How and Morningstar are Empowering Investor Success. Q2B, the world’s largest non-academic quantum industry conference, brings together over 1,000 attendees from commercial companies and research institutions from around the world.

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Infleqtion is building an ecosystem of quantum technologies and commercial products for today, that will drive the company and the entire industry toward tomorrow. The company believes in taking quantum to its limit and leading from the edge. Infleqtion is built on 15 years of pioneering quantum research from ColdQuanta. Its scalable and versatile quantum technology is used by organizations around the globe and deployed by NASA on the International Space Station. Infleqtion is based in Boulder, CO, with offices in Chicago, ILMadison, WIMelbourne, AU and Oxford, UK. Find out how Infleqtion is building the future at

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