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Cold Atom Lab: Celebrating Four Years of Quantum Science in Space

The Cold Atom Lab, NASA's first quantum science laboratory in space, will mark four years onboard the International Space Station on Aug. 4, 2022. It has already achieved its main science goals by cooling atoms down to ultra-cold temperatures to study their basic physical properties in ways that would not be possible on Earth. Join us for this exciting event and learn from some of the world's experts - from astronauts to Nobel Laureates - on the details of getting the unique Cold Atom Lab up and running, as well as the progress toward using microgravity to illuminate new features of the quantum world.

2021-06-23 CERIAS – National Security Implications of Quantum Technology

Recorded: 06/23/2021 CERIAS Security Seminar at Purdue University National Security Implications of Quantum Technology Laura Thomas, ColdQuanta Quantum technology will be transformational. When applied, quantum has the power to dramatically improve our society, as well as cause major disruptions on the national security and economic security fronts. This presentation will provide an overview of the fundamentals of quantum technology, to include the three major branches of quantum technology development: quantum computing, quantum sensing, and quantum networking.

IQT: San Diego – Paul Lipman Keynote

Paul Lipman, President of Quantum Information Platforms, presents the keynote, "A New Direction in Quantum Processing," at the Inside Quantum Technology Conference in May 2022.

Panel: what is the true near-term commercial promise of quantum for the major industry verticals?

Understanding the scope of the opportunity for quantum to generate value across key sectors. What key use cases offer the greatest near-term return and how well do we understand them? Is cross-industry collaboration the key to commercialisation?