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ColdQuanta is a global quantum technology company solving the world’s most challenging problems. The company harnesses quantum mechanics to build and integrate quantum computers, software, sensors, and networks. From fundamental physics to leading-edge commercial products, ColdQuanta enables “quantum everywhere” through an ecosystem of devices and platforms.

Cold Atom Lab: Celebrating Four Years of Quantum Science in Space

The Cold Atom Lab, NASA's first quantum science laboratory in space, will mark four years onboard the International Space Station on Aug. 4, 2022. It has already achieved its main science goals by cooling atoms down to ultra-cold temperatures to study their basic physical properties in ways that would not be possible on Earth. Join us for this exciting event and learn from some of the world's experts - from astronauts to Nobel Laureates - on the details of getting the unique Cold Atom Lab up and running, as well as the progress toward using microgravity to illuminate new features of the quantum world.

2021-06-23 CERIAS – National Security Implications of Quantum Technology

Recorded: 06/23/2021 CERIAS Security Seminar at Purdue University National Security Implications of Quantum Technology Laura Thomas, ColdQuanta Quantum technology will be transformational. When applied, quantum has the power to dramatically improve our society, as well as cause major disruptions on the national security and economic security fronts. This presentation will provide an overview of the fundamentals of quantum technology, to include the three major branches of quantum technology development: quantum computing, quantum sensing, and quantum networking.

IQT: San Diego – Paul Lipman Keynote

Paul Lipman, President of Quantum Information Platforms, presents the keynote, "A New Direction in Quantum Processing," at the Inside Quantum Technology Conference in May 2022.

Panel: what is the true near-term commercial promise of quantum for the major industry verticals?

Understanding the scope of the opportunity for quantum to generate value across key sectors. What key use cases offer the greatest near-term return and how well do we understand them? Is cross-industry collaboration the key to commercialisation?

Q2B 2021 | The Path To Large Scale Quantum Systems | Paul Lipman

Paul Lipman, President-Quantum Computing at ColdQuanta, presents to attendees on December 8, 2021.

The Quantum Path to Climate Insight and Action by Paul Lipman, QIP President at ColdQuanta

Keynote Speaker Bio: Mr. Paul Lipman is President of Quantum Information Platforms at ColdQuanta, where he leads the teams building one of the world’s most powerful quantum computers and quantum matter emulators. Paul previously led multiple successful cybersecurity companies to exit as CEO and has extensive experience leading complex global organizations and transforming cultures, sales execution and innovation delivery. He has an MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, and a BSc in Physics from the Victoria University of Manchester, England.

QuConv XIV: ColdQuanta

On the last Wednesday of February we had two speakers from ColdQuanta join our discussion! ColdQuanta focuses on cold atom methods to offer quantum information services. With its “quantum everywhere” approach, ColdQuanta offers a multitude of quantum machines and devices, such as quantum computers, networks, and sensors.

The Path to Scalable Quantum Computing: Feb 22 Webinar recording with ColdQuanta and Classiq

The ability to execute sophisticated algorithms on quantum computers with more qubits opens game-changing industrial and research opportunities. But what will it take to create more powerful hardware, and how would these machines be programmed? Executives from ColdQuanta and Classiq, two quantum technology leaders, came together for an insightful Webinar focused on the “why, how, and when” of scalable quantum computing.

3 Minutes of Quantum Computing Week 1

ColdQuanta's Director of Quantum Applications Denny Dahl introduces the StarBattle puzzle which will turn into a QUBO so that it can be ran it on a quantum computer.

PBS Quantum State Documentary featuring ColdQuanta: Quantum Computing in Colorado

ColdQuanta appreciates the support of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade and Colorado Governor Jared Polis.

3 Minutes of Quantum Computing Week 7

ColdQuanta's Director of Quantum Applications Denny Dahl provides a little more description of QAOA, shows some Jupyter notebooks and wraps up this series of seven videos.

Entangling Atomic Qubits Webinar with ColdQuanta’s Director of Quantum Computing Tom Noel

Join Tom Noel, Director of Quantum Computing at ColdQuanta, as he looks at how quantum computing provides a fundamentally new computing approach that has revolutionary potential. Central to this is the role the non-classical phenomenon of "entanglement" and critical to any gate-model quantum computing platform is the capability to execute gates that generate entanglement. Tom will discuss the cold atom approach to quantum computing, focusing on how lasers have been used to activate entangling interactions between atomic qubits, what the requirements are for the atoms and the lasers to achieve low gate error rates, and what the prospects are for the future.

Atom Interferometers and Inertial Sensing Webinar with ColdQuanta’s Lead Physicist Ying-Ju Wang

Join ColdQuanta’s Lead Physicist, Ying-Ju Wang, for a discussion on the concept of atom interferometers and their applications. Inertial sensing has far ranging applications in industries such as fundamental physics, aerospace/military, automotive and consumer products. Atom interferometers uses the wave character of atoms (so-called wave–particle duality, a fundamental concept of quantum mechanics), which can provide higher precision compared to its optical counterpart.

Webinar: The Atomic Approach to Quantum Computing

Atomic qubits provide a highly scalable approach to quantum computing. Combining the same remarkable coherence properties found in atomic clocks with controllable Rydberg interactions and optical methods for cooling and trapping atoms we have all the ingredients needed for a high performance quantum processor. ColdQuanta's Chief Scientist for Quantum Information Mark Saffman explains the atomic approach to scalable quantum computing.

Webinar: Quantum Networks

Secure communication guaranteed by laws of physics, connecting and scaling quantum computers, quantum Internet, quantum blockchain - those are some applications of quantum networks. At this webinar, ColdQuanta's Sr. Quantum Physicist Alex Radnaev discusses applications, challenges, and the state of quantum networks, specifically quantum repeaters based on neutral atoms and their deployment in existing telecommunication infrastructure.

Tick Tock: Learn about Quantum Atomic Clocks!

Atomic clocks are the first and most prevalent examples of how quantum atomics can affect, and in fact improve, everyday life. They serve as the hidden backbone that support nearly all modern communications, navigation, and time-keeping systems; yet their inner workings are generally hidden to most of us. In this webinar ColdQuanta physicist Evan Salim will teach you the basic operational principles of atomic clocks, discuss the challenges associated with the current generations of industrial clocks, and provide some insight into what we can expect from future generations of clock systems.

Cold Atom Quantum Computing

Join CEO Bo Ewald and Director of Quantum Applications Denny Dahl as they discuss how cold atoms and the Quantum Core can be used as the basis of a quantum computer.

Webinar: Quantum Matter Systems at Work Today

Learn about quantum matter matters technology and components and see a demo of Albert, the quantum matter system on the cloud. Find out more at https://coldquanta.com/core-technology/albert/

Webinar: Quantum Signal Processing

Listening to one voice among many in a crowded and noisy room is a great example of a formidable signal processing task. This webinar offers an introduction to real-time signal processing in the quantum realm using ultracold atoms. Find out more at www.coldquanta.com

miniMOT: achieving a Magneto-Optical Trap (MOT)

Achieving a cold atom MOT with ColdQuanta's miniMOT kit.