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Inside Quantum Technology -

ColdQuanta Adopts a New Umbrella Brand: Infleqtion, Setting a Distinct Goal for Future Quantum Deployment

“We believe that the quantum industry is at a turning point as it needs to move beyond research and focus on bringing practical, quantum-enabled solutions to the world.”
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Time -

Albert is on TIME's list of the Best Inventions of 2022

ColdQuanta’s cloud-based quantum matter machine, Albert, is on TIME's list of the Best Inventions of 2022!
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Wall Street Journal -

Quantum Startup ColdQuanta Draws Investors With ‘Here-and-Now’ Applications

The Colorado firm plans to use $110 million in investor funding to build high-precision atomic clocks and other products
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Denver Business Journal -

Boulder quantum computing company receives $20M to establish training center in Australia

A government fund is investing millions in the company to create a new quantum computing and technology facility.
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Swinburne University -

ColdQuanta-Swinburne centre to turbocharge quantum tech

A $29 million investment from Breakthrough Victoria will help establish an Asia-Pacific quantum computing and technology facility at Swinburne University of Technology, in partnership with global quantum ecosystem leader ColdQuanta.
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Innovation Aus -

Investing in breakthroughs to secure our quantum sovereignty

Breakthrough Victoria will invest $29 million in global quantum leader ColdQuanta. The investment will expand Victoria’s expertise in this specialist field and further develop our workforce.
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The Quantum Insider -

Quantum Computing Leaders Present Update on Roadmaps

ColdQuanta's technology – cold atoms – which works by trapping cesium atoms in a grid of laser light in a 2D array, is being commercialized for multiple use cases including atomic clocks and positioning systems.
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ColoradoBiz Magazine -

ColdQuanta awarded ColoradoBiz Magazine's Top Company Award

ColoradoBiz Magazine recognizes companies and organizations from around the state that exemplify the ethos of doing well and doing good in the communities in which they operate.
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Forbes -

The Quantum Moonshot

Paul is President of Quantum Computing at ColdQuanta, where he leads the team building the world’s most useful quantum computer.
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Substack -

Revisiting ColdQuanta's Acquisition of

The acquisition of transforms ColdQuanta into a multi-platform, quantum hardware and software company.
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Argonne National Laboratory -

ColdQuanta and Provide Cutting-Edge Quantum Research Tools for Q-NEXT

Global quantum ecosystem company ColdQuanta and startup have merged to address to address pressing needs in quantum research through innovative hardware and software platforms.
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Physics World -

Quantum Computing Gets Down to Business

Martijn Boerkamp reports how investments into quantum computing have ballooned in the past year, bringing huge expectations for the sector.
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Forbes -

11 Top Experts: Quantum Top Trends 2023 And 2030

Mark Saffman, Chief Scientist for Quantum Information, shares the top 3 trends for quantum technology in 2023 and his predictions for 2030
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HPC Wire -

Glimpse into ORNL Quantum Science Center Efforts to Find the Elusive Majorana and Much More

Advancing quantum information sciences broadly and quantum computing directly in the U.S.
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