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The Next Platform -

One Company Could Own the Quantum Product Spectrum

While they don’t own the cooling and complex supply chains Honeywell already has in-house, they have something that might be more important down the line: an established quantum technology that can be widely applicable across the quantum spaces.
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Quantum Business Network -

ColdQuanta and ParityQC aim at Quantum Advantage with Optimization problems

Solving industry-relevant problems using a quantum algorithm faster than any classical computer is considered the grand challenge of quantum computing.
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Gizmodo -

Here, Play With This Quantum Puppet

This week, Colorado-based startup ColdQuanta announced it has put “quantum matter on the cloud.” Which means—what
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SPIE Digital Library -

Transitioning quantum atomic technologies from the lab to the real world

ColdQuanta leads in the commercialization of quantum atomic technologies for both laboratory and real-world applications
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HPC Wire -

Life in Quantum’s Slow (and Cold) Lane Heats Up

While ions have gained most of the attention here, one company, ColdQuanta, believes that using cold, neutral atoms (and Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) effects) will end up being a much better approach that permits scaling to many thousands of qubits even while we are still in the so-called NISQ (noisy intermediate scale quantum) computing era.
While ions have gained most of the attention, ColdQuanta believes that using cold, neutral atoms (and Bose-Einstein cond
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