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Fact Based Insight -

Quantum Timing, Imaging & Sensing Outlook 2021

In the wider quantum technology sector common underlying technologies are being developed for an increasingly wide variety of applications. New products are already at market and more are set to follow.
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Quantum Business Network -

ColdQuanta and ParityQC aim at Quantum Advantage with Optimization problems

Solving industry-relevant problems using a quantum algorithm faster than any classical computer is considered the grand challenge of quantum computing.
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Gizmodo -

Here, Play With This Quantum Puppet

This week, Colorado-based startup ColdQuanta announced it has put “quantum matter on the cloud.” Which means—what
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SPIE Digital Library -

Transitioning quantum atomic technologies from the lab to the real world

ColdQuanta leads in the commercialization of quantum atomic technologies for both laboratory and real-world applications
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ExecutiveGOV -

DARPA Picks Seven Teams for Quantum Processing Effort

Seven teams have been selected to help the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) drive quantum computing efforts under the first phase of the Optimization
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