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The Quantum Insider -

Inside ColdQuanta’s Role in the Israel National Quantum Initiative (INQI

The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) recently announced the establishment of the Israel Quantum Computing Center, part of the Israel National Quantum Initiative (INQI).
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ScienceDaily -

How the Software-Optimized Circuits Execute Less Error-Prone Quantum Algorithms

Experiment demonstrates how software-optimized circuits execute less error-prone quantum algorithms
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IEEE Quantum Podcast -

A Conversation with Paul Lipman, President, Quantum Information Platforms

IEEE Quantum Podcast Series: Episode 13
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Exploding Topics -

15 Quantum Computing Startups 2022

The world’s most exciting and innovative quantum computing startups.
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Inside Quantum Technology -

Laura Thomas To Speak On “Quantum Cybersecurity At Intelligence Agencies” At IQT-NY Quantum Cybersecurity

Prior to ColdQuanta, Thomas was a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) case officer and Chief of Base who built and led sensitive programs at CIA Headquarters and abroad in multiple, international assignments.
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Denver Business Journal -

The top 5 cutting-edge industries in Colorado

There’s no need to beat around the bush any longer: Colorado is one of the most exciting hotbeds of American innovation and technology
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EE Times -

IMS 2022 Part 2: Technical Takeaways

The International Microwave Symposium (IMS) is the preeminent RF/microwave/millimeter–wave (mmWave) event globally. Thousands of professionals in the industry and engineers flock to the event every year
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The Quantum Insider -

Why Analog Neutral Atoms Quantum Computing is a Promising Direction For Early Quantum Advantage

The subtle nature of quantum physics invites us to revisit the distinction between digital and analog.
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Entrepreneurs Break -

5 Quantum Hardware Start-Ups

While the quantum computing industry already has a mark in the business and market, new quantum hardware start-ups are starting to draw all the highlights with their innovation.
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University of Colorado Boulder -

Colorado's Quantum Revolution

Quantum, quantum everywhere
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Fierce Electronics -

ColdQuanta Awarded Innovative Product of the Year for Quantum RF Sensor Platform

The Best of Sensors Awards program honors the best in sensor technologies and the electronics ecosystem, people and companies.
The Best of Sensors Awards program honors the best in sensor technologies and the electronics ecosystem.
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IEEE Computer Society -

Keynotes, Tutorials, and Workshops Announced for the IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering on 18-23 September 2022

The IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE22), the premier event bridging the gap between the science of quantum computing and the development of an industry surrounding it, has revealed its highly anticipated keynote line
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BizWest -

ColdQuanta, LocatorX put finishing touches on solid-state miniature atomic clock

Quantum-technology company ColdQuanta Inc. and Atlanta-based LocatorX Inc. have formed a strategic partnership under which the Boulder firm will assist LocatorX in the final stages of development of the solid-state miniature atomic clock (SMAC).
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Inside Quantum Technology -

ColdQuanta And LocatorX Partner To Build Atomic Clocks

ColdQuanta has announced a partnership with LocatorX, a ground-breaking location tracking company, to advance the development of atomic clocks.
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