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Lattice Light and the Chips

Compact and transportable optical lattices are coming soon to a laboratory near you, thanks to the Anderson group and its spin-off company, ColdQuanta
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Official United States Air Force Website -

Air Force takes table-top approach to quantum physics

Air Force Research Laboratory scientists can now study the mysteries of quantum physics in house and at a lower cost, thanks to a new high performance table-top quantum computing system.
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University of Colorado Boulder -

Ultracold matter technology from CU and SRI International licensed to Boulder’s ColdQuanta

ColdQuanta Inc. of Boulder and the University of Colorado have finalized an agreement allowing ColdQuanta to commercialize cutting-edge physics research developed by CU-Boulder and SRI International.
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arXiv -

Quantum information with Rydberg atoms

Rydberg atoms with principal quantum number n >> 1 have exaggerated atomic properties including dipole-dipole inte
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