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Capacity -

Where are you now? ColdQuanta links with Oxford location company

Quantum technology is poised to revolutionise atomic clocks and positioning, following a partnership between ColdQuanta and an Oxford University spin-off.
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Support for photonic component development in latest UK quantum projects

£6 million program to commercialize quantum technologies backs quantum PICs, lasers, SPADs, and entangled light sources.
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UK Research and Innovation -

Bringing quantum technologies into the real world

From tackling climate change to improving digital security, the UK is revolutionising multiple industries by harnessing the power of quantum technologies.
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Inside Quantum Technology -

IBM Vet Bob Sutor Joins ColdQuanta

ColdQuanta's announcement that it hired IBM legend Bob Sutor is a great example of an up-and-coming firm bringing in decades of experience.
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Capacity -

ColdQuanta hires IBM’s Sutor to head corporate development

Quantum computing company ColdQuanta has hired Bob Sutor, formerly of IBM, as its VP of corporate development.
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Business Telegraph -

How US policymakers can enable breakthroughs in quantum science – Brookings Institution

A decade ago, scientists expected the quantum technology revolution to lie in the distant future—say, 30 years out. But recent developments have shortened that timeline dramatically, generating greater confidence than ever that the quantum revolution real
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Builtin -

10 Quantum Computing Applications and Examples

Far from commercially scalable — but more than mere fantasy — quantum computing will one day be a transformative reality.
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Capacity Media -

ColdQuanta recruits former CIA chief to board of directors

Dawn Meyerriecks worked at the CIA as deputy director for science and technology until December 2021.
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Q-NEXT partner ColdQuanta acquires Chicago-based startup

In acquiring the startup, ColdQuanta adds’s capabilities in quantum software to its portfolio.
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Crunchbase -

Quantum Technology Gains Momentum As Computing Gets Closer To Reality

The promise of quantum computing has swirled for decades. But as it gets closer to reality, more investors, the government and several industries seem to be taking note.
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Photonics Media -

ColdQuanta Adds, Launches Cold Atom Quantum Computer

Quantum technology company ColdQuanta has acquired, a quantum platform developer that specializes in quantum software application. ColdQuanta also announced the beta launch of Hilbert, the company’s gate-based cold atom quantum computer. Hilbe
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Inside Quantum Technology -

ColdQuanta Acquires

ColdQuanta, has announced its acquisition of Chicago-based, a world leader in quantum software application and platform development, and the beta launch of Hilbert, the world’s first gate-based cold atom quantum computer.
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Physics World -

Atomic quantum processors make their debut

The first quantum processors that use neutral atoms as qubits have resulted in a milestone showing that atomic quantum computers may be easier to scale up.
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Popular Mechanics -

Scientists Want to Change How Long the Second Is

The potential reconfiguring of the second boils down to advancements in clocks— specifically, their ability to track atomic wavelengths.
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