2cm AR Coated Cells

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ColdQuanta’s high-quality glass cells offer a new level of optical access to in-vacuum experiments. Assembled with an optical contacting process, the cells provide high-quality AR coatings while maintaining very high optical flatness in the cell walls, enabling minimal optical distortion through the cell. The cells are connected to the flange through an anodic bond to a silicon transfer, and have no epoxy or frits, giving them excellent UHV compatibility.

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  • Ultrahigh vacuum cell
  • Anti-reflection coated on inside and outside of all cell walls
  • Bakeable to high temperatures
  • Assembled without epoxies or frits
  • BEC vacuum cell
  • Magneto-optical trap vacuum cell

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DN16 CF Flange, DN40 CF Flange with a wide neck glass-to-metal, Other

Coating Options

Broadband, Custom Coating, Targeted AR coating for Cs, K, and Rb