2D+ MOT Magnets

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The 2D+ MOT magnet assembly produces magnetic field gradients appropriate for a 2D(+) MOT. Designed to be used with ColdQuanta’s RuBECi, Double MOT, and CASC cells, permanent magnets provide a 2D quadrupole field over the cell with a field gradient of ~30 Gauss/cm. The magnets are held on a two-axis translation stage that allows the user to easily align the 2D+ MOT relative to the aperture; making it easy to optimize the flux of atoms from the 2D MOT+ to the 3D MOT. Since the 2D MOT+ magnet assembly employs permanent magnets there is no need for a power supply. For users with experiments that are particularly sensitive to external magnetic fields, we offer an option to replace the permanent magnets with coils.

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  • Permanent magnet assembly
  • Integrated 2-Axis translation stage
  • Correct magnetic field for 2D(+) MOT operation

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Permanent magnet assembly, Integrated 2-Axis translation stage, Correct magnetic field for 2D(+) MOT operation


MAG-2000 – 2D MOT Permanent magnet assembly, MAG-2100 – 2D MOT Coil assembly


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