Albert: The Quantum Emulator Machine

From turn-key ultracold matter delivery to a complete quantum simulator, Albert gives you a shortcut to high-value results. Albert provides ultracold matter at the push of a button so you can focus on the innovation that makes your work unique. Start with the cold or ultra-cold matter and then add your own manipulation or use one of the ColdQuanta-provided manipulation systems to reach your goals.

Albert’s options include 2D arbitrary light potentials, optical lattice, shaken lattice, and more. The science module can either live on top of the cart or on your optical table for integration with external systems. Albert is designed for seasoned ultra-cold atom experimenters, theorists, and newcomers to the field of ultracold matter.



  • Compact and Highly Integrated
  • Turn-key ultracold matter production
  • Fast setup and installation
  • flexible configuration
  • RuBECi science chamber
  • Complete laser and electronics system
  • Painted potential and shaken lattice options