Cryogenic Ion Trap Package

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ColdQuanta’s cryogenic ion trap housings give you a self-contained, high-optical access UHV environment for ion trapping with long trap lifetimes. The trap surface is ion milled before assembly into an UHV-baked chamber to provide an ultra-clean ion trap surface. The C-cut sapphire window material ensures a low birefringence and high UV transparency. The housing was initially designed to house a Sandia HOA trap and has been adapted to the Peregrine and Phoenix ion traps.

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  • Compact UHV cell, Titanium body
  • AR coated C-cut sapphire windows
  • 2 through axes at 45 degree angle
  • .12-.65 NA optical access
  • < 10^(-12) Torr vacuum pressure
  • Peregrine or HOA trap compatible
  • Yb and Ba ablation sources available

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Compact UHV cell, Titanium body, AR coated C-cut sapphire windows, 2 through axes at 45-degree angle, .12-.65 NA optical access, < 10^(-12) Torr vacuum pressure, Peregrine or HOA trap compatible, Yb and Ba ablation sources are available


Custom atom source, Custom window coatings, Adapt to your trap, AR coating on windows


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Coating Options

Ba +Yb Targeted Coating, Custom Coating


Ba, Ba + Yb, Custom, Yb