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ColdQuanta has the fabrication capabilities to produce very high optical-quality glass cells with anti-reflective coatings both inside and outside. We are able to produce cells in a large variety of shapes and sizes, including irregular shapes such as trapezoids and rectangles. Our scientists and engineers will workwith you to design a cell, and to ensure that the final specifications meet the needs of your experiment.

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  • Ultrahigh vacuum cell
  • Fabricated using optical contacting and anodic bonding leaving no residual material in the chamber
  • Surface flatness of better than λ/4 per cm (peak-valley)
  • Bakeable to high temperatures, around 300 degrees Celsius
  • Assembled without epoxies or frits, leading to low leakage rates.
  • All coatings are deposited with the highest quality ion-beam sputtering process, giving coatings with very high damage thresholds, and minimizing the risk of the coating absorbing water and shifting during vacuum processing.
  • AR coatings as low as R<0.1% per surface at multiple wavelengths.

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DN16 CF Flange, DN40 CF Flange with a wide neck glass-to-metal, Other

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