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The doubleMOT system is a self-contained, tabletop, ultrahigh vacuum system for easily cooling and trapping atoms. With applications ranging from fundamental quantum physics research to the development of sensors and new quantum technologies, the doubleMOT is a versatile and powerful cold atom core. The doubleMOT utilizes two cells (a source cell to achieve a high atom number, and a science cell to maintain an ultra-high vacuum with superior optical access) and is shipped under a permanent vacuum. The doubleMOT is ready to be placed into an appropriate apparatus such as the Physics Platform.

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  • Compact UHV chamber
  • Up to two independent Active dispensers
  • Active and passive pumps to maintain vacuum
  • Easily configurable for specific applications
  • high atom flux and long trap lifetimes

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Science Cell Options:

Thin-walled cell
AR coated Borosilicate Glass or UVFS glass cell


Cs, Cs-K, K, Rb, Rb-Cs, Rb-K

Coating Options

Broadband, Custom Coating, Targeted AR coating for Cs, K, and Rb

Science Cell Options

AR coated Borosilicate glass, Custom AR Coated UVFS glass cell, L – Cell for elongated MOT, Other, Thin-walled cell