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Building off the miniMOT, this compact package further streamlines producing a MOT — no longer does a user need the optical expertise normally required to design, acquire, and set up his or her own system! The pre-assembled unit is easy to use and produces a live MOT within a few hours, saving significant time and cost, even for the seasoned researcher.

The optics package consists of a 15”x18” aluminum breadboard with a periscope/beam-splitting/polarization assembly, mirrors for ease of trap alignment, and a small B&W CCD camera for MOT imaging.

The miniMOT package is frequently used in teaching laboratories to introduce students to lasers, optics, and quantum matter, but can also be found in quantum information experiments.

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  • miniMOT and Optics package to enable production of a MOT
  • Highly flexible configuration
  • Pre-aligned for rapid deployment

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Laser system optimized for the chosen element using one or two lasers

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<a href="; target="_blank">Theses: Achieving a Stable Magneto-Optical Trap</a>
<a href="; target="_blank">Paper: Progress towards a quantum memory with telecom-frequency conversion</a>


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Coating Options

Broadband, Custom Coating, Targeted AR coating for Cs, K, and Rb

Science Cell Options

2cm AR Coated Cell, AR coated Imaging Cell, Custom AR Coated UVFS glass cell, Thin-walled cell