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The miniMOT delivers a compact trapped atom instrument to a range of users — student to seasoned researcher — freeing them to focus on designing and building their experiment rather than the vacuum apparatus. When combined with our miniMOT Coils and miniMOT Kit as the miniMOT Package, the user can achieve a live MOT within hours (lasers and coupling fibers to be provided by the user).

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  • Compact UHV chamber
  • Active and passive pumps to maintain vacuum
  • Integrated electronics to power pumps and dispenser
  • Integrated coil driver (coils sold separately)

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<a href="; target="_blank">Paper: Neophytes build a MOT</a>
<a href="; target="_blank">Paper: Investigation of inertial sensing using electromagnetically induced transparency</a>
<a href="; target="_blank">Paper: Laser cooling of 85 Rb atoms to the recoil-temperature limit</a>
<a href="; target="_blank">video</a>

Coating Options

Broadband, Custom Coating, Targeted AR coating for Cs, K, and Rb


Cs, Rb

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2cm AR Coated Cell, AR coated Imaging Cell, Custom AR Coated UVFS glass cell, Thin-walled cell