Physics Platform

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The Physics Platform provides the foundation optics for experiments that include a 3D magneto-optical trap (MOT) fed by a 2D+ MOT, such as the RuBECi. It consists of two stages: 2D+ MOT hardware and a six-Beam MOT stage to create a 3D MOT in the science cell. It also includes optics required for optical pumping and imaging of cold and ultracold atoms in the science cell. The Physics Platform has excellent optical access and provides the user with increased flexibility to modify and adapt the system.

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  • Optics package to complement the RuBECi® or doubleMOT systems
  • Highly flexible configuration
  • Includes optics and opto-mechanics for 2D(+) MOT, 3D MOT, optical pumping, and imaging
  • Pre-aligned for rapid deployment
  • FC/APC Fiber inputs


Additional information

Wavelength Selection (nm):

767 nm, 780 nm, 852 nm

Science Cell Options

AR coated Borosilicate glass, AR Coated UVFS glass cell, Thin-walled cell