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The quadCoil is an assembly that consists of eight coils arranged to apply magnetic bias fields and gradients across atomic samples in ColdQuanta’s RuBECi® ultracold atom cell or the doubleMOT. In addition to the MOT field and bias fields in each cardinal axis, the quadCoil assembly enables magnetic trapping and transport of the atomic sample from the MOT to the atom chip in a linear quadrupole trap. Magnetic field gradients of greater than 150 G/cm are easily achievable in the coil pair closest to the chip, making the coupling of atoms from the external trap to the chip trap straightforward.

The assembly is mounted around the vacuum cell by the use of a coil-rail system. The coil assembly also provides the user with a large clear aperture through the top of the assembly, making it possible to access the backside of the atom chip with a large microscope objective.


  • Four coil pairs
  • Compact package
  • Complete magnetic solution for RuBECi atom chip systems