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The RuBECi is a self-contained, tabletop, ultrahigh vacuum system for the creation and manipulation of ultra-cold atoms. It utilizes a two-cell vacuum system (a 2D+ MOT source cell, and an ultra-high vacuum science cell compatible with long trap lifetimes) and features an atom chip for simple and rapid BEC production with a high duty cycle and low power consumption. High numerical aperture imaging of trapped atoms in the chip potential is possible thanks to the atom chip’s integration into the science cell wall. The RuBECi is shipped under a permanent vacuum and ready to be used with an appropriate optics package, such as the Physics Platform.

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  • Compact UHV chamber
  • Up to two independent active dispensers
  • Active and passive pumps to maintain vacuum
  • Integrated atom chip allows for the trapping and easy manipulation of ultra-cold atoms
  • Easily reconfigurable for specific applications

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<a href="; target="_blank">Paper: Compact experimental apparatus for producing high repition-rate 87Rb Bose-Einstein condensation on an atom chip</a>


Cs, Cs-K, K, Rb, Rb-Cs, Rb-K

Coating Options

Broadband, Custom Coating, Targeted AR coating for Cs, K, and Rb

Atom chip

Standard atom chip, Window atom chip, Custom atom chip, Singular Atom chips with integrated optics