HILBERT: ColdQuanta's powerful quantum computer

Hilbert, our cloud-based quantum computer, will deliver 100 QUBITS in early 2022. Leveraging the natural scalability of the Cold Atom Approach, the Hilbert team is targeting >1000 QUBITS by 2024 with strong connectivity, fidelity, and miniaturization at room temperature without refrigeration required.

Hilbert Computing
Atomic Array 121 Qubits

Cold Atom - 10^6 Qubits on a Thumbnail

Superconducting Circuit 53 Qubits

Superconducting - 10^6 Qubits Requires Sq Meters; A cryostat (Refrigeration Device) of that Size Does Not Exist

Gate Fidelity

2021 - The 2021 achievement of .95 2Q combined with 100 qubits and high connectivity will be a powerful combination.

Future - Fidelity will improve; taken together with qubit count and connectivity, Hilbert will be a powerful Quantum Computer

ColdQuanta’s High Coherence and Short Gate Duration Contribute to the Compelling Roadmap for ColdQuanta’s Quantum Computer


Coherence means the quantum properties are being maintained. The longer coherence persists, the more time a Quantum Computer has to perform a set of operations.

Gate Duration

The gate duration is the time for an individual computational operation (referred to gate) to be performed.


Hilbert Milestones

2Q 2020

$7.4M DARPA Award


64 Qubit Prototype

EOY 2021

Target completion for 100 Qubit computer

1H 2022

Cloud-based computing service offered

2H 2022

Second-unit operational, with increased Qubits and higher fidelity


1,000 Qubit Computer