Quantum Now

Quantum Now

Market Size

The quantum market will be gigantic. Even in the near term, the market for quantum is sizable. Learn more about this from McKinsey, BCG, and others.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing gets most of the attention, and for good reason. Quantum Computers will solve problems that are beyond the capabilities of classic computers and nearly all industries will benefit in profound ways. Read McKinsey and BCS’s perspectives on how Quantum Computing will impact a range of industries including financial, chemicals, biopharma, energy and power, and the environment.

Quantum Networking and Sensing

Quantum Networking and Sensing Applications get far less attention than Quantum Computing, yet the market opportunity is comparable. The entire communications network will incorporate qubit distribution key technology as a countermeasure to conventional cybersecurity that is no longer viable because of Quantum Computing. Quantum Position Systems will replace the Global Position System, securing the enormous power, communications, and transportation infrastructure that is reliant on GPS. Learn how quantum sensing will be used in spacecraft, autonomous vehicles, medical imaging, financial trading networks, augmented reality, and much more.

Lean In Now

The time is now for enterprises, entrepreneurs, and investors to lean in.

Quantum for Beginners

A few resources for those new to Quantum.

Two Market Segments

Quantum Computing gets most of the attention. However, Quantum Networks and Sensors also represent gigantic opportunities. Learn more about each segment.