Introduction to Quantum

Introduction to Quantum

Introduction to Quantum

ColdQuanta is a leader in Cold Atom Quantum Technology, the most scalable, versatile, and commercially viable application of quantum. Here are a few resources to learn more about quantum technology.

ColdQuanta CEO, Dan Caruso Discussing Quantum Technology

The University of Denver had the opportunity to spend an hour with Dan Caruso, discussing Quantum technology, networking and computing. Discussion ranged from teleportation to autonomous vehicles.

Cold Atom Quantum Applications and Quantum Core Technology

Quantum computing is merely the tip of the quantum information iceberg. Quantum timekeeping, electromagnetic detection, radar, bio-imaging, and other quantum devices will lead to entirely new quantum application systems.

Laser Cooling for Quantum Atomics

Realization of the possible advantages of quantum systems requires exquisite control and isolation of the sample. In practice, this means getting the relevant quantum particles to sub-millikelvin temperatures and below. In the case of neutral atoms, the first step in this process is “Laser Cooling.” In this webinar we will take a dive into the basic first steps to accessing quantum atomics.

Introduction to Cold Atom Physics

An introduction video to the field of Ultra-cold Atom Physics filmed at the MUARC summer school in 2010.

Here, Play With This Quantum Puppet

With ColdQuanta’s new system, you can manipulate quantum matter inside a precisely engineered glass cell, like this one, over the internet.