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Quantum Research
as a Service

ColdQuanta discovers breakthrough technology in support of government and enterprises. The Quantum Research as a Service (QRaaS) team develops research, creates prototypes, and offers consulting services across a broad range of applications including: high precision clocks, navigation, radio frequency receivers, and quantum networking and communications.


High Precision Clocks

Compact, robust and affordable packages that surpass current state-of-the-art performance.

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Navigation / Positioning Systems

Quantum Positioning Systems (QPS) provide reliable signals that are stable over long periods of GPS-denial, which will address shortcomings of GPS.

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Radio Frequency Receivers

Quantum Radio Frequency (“QRF”) receivers offer higher sensitivity at a fraction of the size and weight, leading to better reception, accuracy, spectrum utilization, and cost advantages.

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Quantum Networking and Comms

The entire communications network will incorporate qubit distribution key technology as a countermeasure to conventional cybersecurity, leading to the Quantum Internet.

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