Industry Voices

Industry Voices

In these videos, leading scientists explain their excitement about quantum and, specifically, the Cold Atom Method.

ColdQuanta’s Cold Atoms Approach is Explained by the Scientific Community

ColdQuanta is a leader in applying the Cold Atom approach to Quantum technology.

In this 2011 video, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) explains the Cold Atom approach and its applicability to a wide range of Quantum technology, including Quantum Computing.

Dr. Cornell Explains What’s So Cool About Cold Atoms

Dr. Eric Cornell, a Nobel prize winner for synthesizing the first Bose-Einstein condensate, teams up with NASA Cold Atom experts to explain the buzz around cold atoms.

ColdQuanta’s Quantum Core™ is used in NASA/JPL’s Cold Atom Laboratory.

NASA Scientists Describe the Engineering of Cold Atom Systems

ColdQuanta’s technology is part of NASA/JPL’s Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL for short) and is testing the behavior of quantum matter in the International Space Station.

Scientists from Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory explain the engineering behind the Cold Atom approach.