Denny Dahl

A trusted, analytical thinker trained in the hard sciences, noted for deep experience in emerging technologies and innovative contributions to advanced system development. Possesses an ability to synthesize, summarize, and clearly communicate cutting-edge research. Foresees trends and opportunities to transform and optimize computational infrastructure.
Respected for his leadership in the understanding and application of massively parallel computation, neural networks, distributed data flow computation models, and quantum computing. Applies visionary foresight in predicting and assessing the impact of advances in these fields.
Drawing on experience with ground-breaking companies brings strong analytical and evaluation skills to the task of guiding and informing complex decision-making. With a strongly collaborative style, uses logic and foresight to identify technology trends and guide opportunities for product development and improvement.
Able to articulate complex technical issues and focus organizational efforts on breakthrough areas. An excellent team builder with an emphasis on innovative solutions. Is able to envision new products and define requisite innovations to enable their development.